Wedding and Portrait Photography & Donations

With Wedding and Portrait photography donations knowing and understanding the struggles of life, and life’s demands, we all want our special days and moments  and events remembered. I personally have been effected in my life by these issues and troubles, and I understand that people with illnesses that are terminal usually have extremely large medical bills or any other problems that could hinder having their memories remembered.

I specialize in Wedding Photography and Portraits, but I am open to any photography requests that you have that are reasonable.

For non profit or fundraising inquires, please contact me for more information.

Phone: 520-730-8697


All I ask in return for my services is that you spread the word of my services to your friends and family.

* I will donate my services only to the people that truly need it. I understand that there are so many people out there that need their day remembered. I will evaluate cases on an individual basis, and must have document and proof of illness. I have the right to decine services to anyone falsifying documentation, or lying about conditions.