Family Pictures

Portrait and family pictures are a tradition that extends generations. Portrait and family pictures are such an important time in a families history to remember the way your family throughout the years.  But you know you want your photos to be unique, just like you. You really need updated photos…but you aren’t excited about them looking like everyone else’s with the same traditional seated poses and backgrounds. 

Being a family picture photographer allows me to see family’s grow up! Every year I get to see these same family’s children get bigger and bigger! Family pictures in Tucson is an amazing experience because we live in an absolutely amazing location! 

Every photo I take as a photographer is a custom creation that shows the personality of the person, or family, being photographed as seen through my eyes. I love photographing on location because it pushes me to continually look for that “a little something different” twist.

With family pictures the main concern with family photography is usually that of working with children. I have lots of experience with children photography (having two of my own) has taught me exactly what to expect when taking pictures of children. Children can be challenging especially when you are trying to get them to stand still long enough to take a picture. I really work with you to make sure the experience that I am giving you meets you wants and needs.

With family portraits its important to take pictures of an individual in a way that present them in the best light possible. Its import to understand the clients needs and wants in being able to take the best pictures possible. Its also important to be able to understand the use in which the the picture will be used as well.

If portrait and family pictures are something  you need done, please feel free to contact me for more information!