JW Photography & Extra Services

Parties/Functions/Special Occasions

*Price Subject to 8.7 % sales tax . Packages are subject to change at any time without notice.


 Photo Retouching: $10.00 per image


I retouch the image of your choice, and take out any blemishes, or flaws you may want removed.

We all have our days when no matter how hard we try to look our best, nothing things to help. A simple touch up can take a day that you don’t look your best, and make you look wonderful. Here is an example.


Color retouching, Enhancing, and Black and White Images with Color Added: $20.00 per image.

 Or you can have your favorite color image turned into a black and white image, sepia, or black and white with color added.



Photo restoration: $50.00 per image

I love the challenge of being able to fix an old photo and make it new again! These images take a long time to create. But the results are priceless!


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