LGBTQ+ , Gay, Same sex, Bisexual – Wedding photographer

JW Photography proudly supports and photographs LGBTQ+ Weddings! Arizona on October 17, 2014 joined the historic tide of finally legalizing same sex weddings! The result is that right has swept the nation, expanding gay and lesbian rights in a direction many never thought they would see in their lifetimes.

JW Photography LLC is proud to be able to be a photographer that doesn’t discriminate people and their photography needs! Regardless of your religious and sexual preference I will photograph your wedding. We have come too far as a society to hold these prejudices against peoples life preferences and beliefs. Identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer , and others, pansexual and Two-Spirit doesn’t mean you should not have your day remembered! I would love the chance and honor to be able to photograph your day! 

If you are needing a photographer for any of you photography needs I would love to be your photographer on your special day! My prices and packages can be seen on my rates page!

Jw Photography has photographed Gay and Lesbian Weddings, and LGBT Weddings at: Stillwell House & Garden, Z Mansion, Reflections, The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch, Stardance Event Center, Glover Ranch, Reid Park zoo Tucson Botanical Gardens, Loews Ventana Canyon, Westin La Paloma !!

So please tell all your friends that JW Photography LLC supports Gay and Lesbian Weddings, and LGBT Weddings in Tucson!

I am Tucsons best and most friendly LGBTQ+ , Gay, Same sex, bisexual – Wedding photographer! 

I look forward to being you photographer!


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